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Nood Project - a partnership between Architecture & Interiors

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At MBM Company Architecture & Consulting, we believe that the best creations come from collaboration. The Nood Project was an example of this.

At the invitation of Bárbara Schedel Leitão's BSL Interior Design Studio, we jointly developed the project to install the Nood restaurant in Porto.

The Nood Restaurant in Porto is the result of MBM company's experience in restaurant architecture with the quality of detail proposed by BSL Interior Design Atelier .

The project presents a distinctive atmosphere based on the choice of natural materials such as wood and metal. The Asian atmosphere is given by the introduction of colours in the paintwork, the honeycomb polycarbonate panels and the ceramic tiles on the walls and floor.

@Photos Instagram Nood

A project is all about details and in this restaurant the furniture design has also been personalised.

Unique pieces such as the restaurant counter, the cupboard that divides the main room from the kitchen, the screens that surround the staircase, the metal element that hides the technical area of the bar from the restaurant room, the stools and the restaurant tables are all unique pieces designed by BSL Interior Design in conjunction with MBM Company.

With this teamwork we found the best way to combine aesthetics with technique, with added value not only in terms of the end result but also in terms of budget and timeframe.

 At MBM Company Architecture & Consulting, we continue to value and promote partnerships that enable us to create unique, functional and sustainable spaces.

We invite you to visit the Nood restaurant in Porto and discover how the combination of architecture and interior design can transform an ordinary space into a truly extraordinary environment.


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