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MBM Company is a global architecture & consultancy firm located in Portugal, with a diverse portfolio of projects, in several countries, by the hand of its founder. 

Our team is dedicated to the creation of innovative, sustainable and comfort-conscious projects that enhance the value of the property. With a passion for fusing functionality, aesthetics and cultural significance, we present innovative solutions to even the most complex challenges. Whether residential, commercial or public spaces, we seek to create spatial experiences that inspire and surprise those who live them. 

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¬ Vision

¬ Maintaining and creating new stories with respect for the surrounding community and environment is our commitment.

¬ Mission

¬ Preservation of the Heritage is part of our mission in each intervention of which we are part.


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Salvador MORAIS

Introducing Salvador Morais, Master of Architecture and a visionary specializing in Building Rehabilitation, renowned as the founder of MBM Company - Architecture & Consulting. Salvador's journey in the architectural realm began at Conceitos de Arte atelier, where his creativity flourished, contributing to diverse projects, both public and private. Notable among them are ventures for prestigious entities like the Pestana Group and the iconic Hotel Tivoli Avenida in Lisbon. He later assumed the role of Director of the architecture department at Worx - Knight Frank, marking a pivotal point in his career. In 2014, Salvador crystallized his individual brand, becoming a recognized architect with a portfolio spanning new constructions and rehabilitation projects. His endeavors include the expansion of a health clinic and the realization of over 100,000m2 of innovative spaces. Salvador's influence extends far beyond national borders. With projects gracing four continents—Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America—his architectural imprint reflects a global perspective. In Portugal, his impact is substantial, with a repertoire of over two hundred projects spanning from the North to the South. As an architect and consultant, Salvador Morais has cultivated invaluable expertise. Over the years, he has provided strategic counsel to investors, property developers, and private clients navigating the complexities of the real estate market, with his involvement in transactions exceeding 20M€. In 2021, Salvador Morais embraced a new chapter, founding the MBM Company—a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of architecture and consulting. Join us in exploring boundless possibilities, where architecture meets consultancy, and visions transform into tangible masterpieces.

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