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Evviva promotes international workshop - 2024 Trends

On 4 July, Evviva organised an international event at its showroom in Cascais, which MBM Company attended. The invitation was sent to us by owners Jorge and Christiana Reis, who hosted this event in person and online with the brand's other subsidiaries.

Evviva Milão MBM Company

The international kitchen brand of Brazilian origin organised an event for professionals in which it proposed to hold a debate between marketing and creative directors on the new trends in fixed furniture resulting from the impact of the Milan show.

The debate was very interesting and left a great deal of enthusiasm, as the 2024 trade fair will feature the use of natural materials in furniture, leaving laminates and lacquers in the background.

Evviva already had the Ino range in its portfolio a few years ago, which had a great impact because it was made entirely of stainless steel and had a handle that was carved into the furniture at 45 degrees, allowing it to create a great impact in the space where it was installed.

The trends of 2024 are really exciting architects and interior designers. Metal and stone make it possible to create a new identity and a new DNA in furniture. The challenge is to create homogeneous lines of materiality:

The stone of the worktop can now be used to clad doors and drawers, creating striking blocks with life and a strong presence in the space.

Metal is given a new lease of life; it can be coloured using different levels of oxidation and polishing. And the textures can be endless.

Evviva's presentation was really well done and leaves us looking forward to what the future will bring from this brand in terms of innovation and design.

At the end there was still time for Jorge, the owner of Evviva Cascais, to show us three new cabinet door finishes in straw with different intensities and another with metal mesh that promise to make a mark on new kitchens and wardrobes in Portugal.

It's worth visiting this brand's showroom in Casa Guia to see these new products and to enjoy one of the best sea views on our coast. Thank you Jorge and Christiana for the invitation.


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